the 2019 World Press Photo Contest

The annual photo contest rewards photographers for the best single exposure pictures contributing to the past year of visual journalism.

Whether entered as singles or stories, these pictures are judged in terms of their accurate, fair, and visually compelling insights about our world.
The contest is organized into categories, and judged by a jurycomprising leading photojournalism professionals. The membership of the jury changes every year, and is led by a chair and supported by two secretaries who implement the rigorous judging procedures. The jury, chair, and secretaries are independent of the World Press Photo Foundation. The staff, board, and partners of the World Press Photo Foundation cannot direct the jury’s decisions.


  • 3 December 2018: The contest website opens for entries. Enter here.
  • 3 January 2019: Registration deadline 12.00 noon CET.
  • 8 January 2019: Submission deadline. Contest website closes for entries 12.00 noon CET.
  • 11 April 2019: Nominees are invited to attend the 2019 Awards Show in Amsterdam during which The World Press Photo of the Year, The World Press Photo Story of the Year and all contest winners will be announced.
  • 11 – 13 April 2019: Nominees are invited to attend the World Press Photo Festival in Amsterdam.


The prize-winning photographs are assembled into an exhibition that travels to 45 countries and is seen by more than 4 million people each year. The winning pictures are also published in the yearbook, which is available in multiple languages, and can be purchased in our store.
The winners of The World Press Photo of the Year and The World Press Photo Story of the Year awards will receive €10,000 each. This means all contest winners will share in prizes totaling more than €130,000 in value.
All nominees are brought to Amsterdam in April to receive their prize at the annual Awards Show. This takes place just before the World Press Photo Festival, an event to which winnners are invited, featuring photographer presentations, screenings and talks. Read more about the prizes.

Why you should enter

  • It is free to enter
  • Open to all professionals around the world
  • Your work is presented anonymously to the jury
  • Independently judged by leaders in visual journalism
  • Winners are showcased in global exhibitions and yearbook
  • Winners share in prizes totaling more than €130,000 in value

We want to spotlight the stories that matter

Do you know visual journalists who have captured images, shot compelling stories, or made great videos or interactive productions this year?
The World Press Photo Foundation wants to spotlight the stories that matter. We want to see diverse work and different representations of our world. We want to encourage those who have previously not entered to submit. To do that, we need to get the best submissions for the independent juries to consider. The juries can only judge what is entered, so if you want to see someone or something recognized, now is the time to get them to enter!
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